A tour of the Speech Lady's room

I realize not all of you get a chance to come to Back To School Night and Meet the Teacher, so here is a tour of the speech room.  Now you can picture your child in the room working hard on articulation, language, fluency, voice, and social skills!
Sticker Charts

12 stickers = Treasure chest, picking a game, or sensory break activities.

Mirror Wall

"Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who Has The Best Sound Of Them All?" -I came up with that all by myself (pretty pleased if you couldn't tell)

Calendar and Reading Corner

I find it's helpful to move kids from station to station so they don't start getting antsy.  It helps Ms. Gretz not get frustrated with wiggle worms!

Therapy Table

This is where the magic happens! As in the kids (hopefully) listen as I give them strategies to reach their speech goals.  Lots of hard work happens at this table.  We try and have a little fun too. 

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