Where Is The Green Sheep?

I found this book while browsing through our school library.

I thought it would be a great book for kids that are working on attributes, prepositions, syntax, expanding length of utterances and asking "where" questions etc.  Also, this is great if you have a child working on "sh" at the sentence level. 

These pictures can be used for sequencing, or you can put them around your classroom for your students to find ("the bath sheep is on top of something yellow.").  You could have kids find the pictures and then when it's their turn they can read the line in the book. 

Here is a sentence building strip to help them read the book with you and work on that grammar. 

Don't forget about that green sheep!


  1. I had that book and loaned it out to a client and never got it back :(! I loved using it in therapy, but had forgotten about it - your post reminded me I should look for it. Thanks!!

  2. Your welcome! Thanks for reading :)

  3. I love this book - well my two year old loves it and it is a rare book that is both fun for kids and enjoyable for adults to read. i love the sequencing idea as well.

  4. Cute!! Adding it to my Blog post of Activities for Where is the Green Sheep- Thanks!!

  5. I fell across the great book yesterday and is working on using it with several activities for the Parable of the Lost Sheep and Psalm 23 in my Children Church