Appy Hour

In the app Bluster you can pick what grade level and then you decide whether you want to work on rhyming words, prefixes, synonyms, homophones, word roots etc.  I used this app to practice synonyms.  They give you quite the list of words and you have to find the 3 words that all mean the same thing.  It's a kind of difficult game, so I used it with some of my upper elementary kids, but it definitely had them talking and working as a group to come up with the 3 synonyms. 


Feel Electric!-Free
The first thing as you're introduced to the app is to decide how you feel.  The app gives you a bunch of words and you decide how you're feeling.  If the child doesn't know what the word means, you just tap it and it gives you a definition.

There are several different features to this app. 

Mood Tales-
Mood Tales has you pick words and then it incorporates the word into the story.  This is great for talking about vocabulary.  Keep track of all the words you choose and then have the group try to come up with a silly story (kind of like mad libs).  Then see what kind of story the app came up with.  This was really fun and great for working on intonation and using and understanding different voices when you are happy/angry/excited etc. 

Mood Dude-
Mood Dude talks about how you can look at someone's face and all the little things tell you how they are feeling.  You can make the Mood Dude's eyes go down, change his eyebrows, mouth and arms. 

Moodosphere keeps track of your feelings and you can see how your mood has changed over the week. 

There are games that you can play also. One of them is where a picture of a person goes across the screen and you have to pick the emotion that they are feeling. 

All in all I was very impressed with this app.  Especially because it's FREE!


Speech With Milo Therapy Ideas-Free
This is kind of like a Twitter account.  They post "#milotips" for you to use in therapy.  They also give you links to other blogs that have fun activities.  Great if you can't wait for my "End of the Week SLP Blues" and you need an idea ASAP.  I've seen some really cute and easy ideas posted on this feed. 

Happy "Appy Hour"!

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