Appy Hour-Following Directions

The Super Duper folks have been extremely generous with me and their app codes. I knew I wanted to have an auditory processing week and I realized the saying is true "ask and you shall receive ".   I asked for a following directions app and here it is.

So I have to admit I'm not much of a drill and kill type of SLP...assuming you all could tell that about me. So as much as I seriously love the auditory processing program that I reviewed yesterday I need some variety and I know the kids do too.  I generally like to have centers during 1:1 therapy.  It's that ADD I suffer from. I know the kids I work with can't sit and look at pictures for 45 minutes straight so I like to have activities that we move to and from. Even in a small therapy room I use colored circles to mark the activities. So first we do the red circle, then the yellow and then the green (I use this stop light as a visual for centers too). If they make it to the green then they get free play time.
Anyways, enough with that, let me tell you how I incorporate this app and The Processing Program.  The red center is generally the one that is the hardest for kids to sit through (but generally the center where I get the most data) and that's the drill or picture center. I use the auditory processing program and we do that for 10 minutes. Then the yellow center is iPad based because as soon as I pull the iPad out they are beaming with excitement. So now I can get to the nitty gritty of how I use this app. I add the child's name to the list and then depending on what their goals are, I do as follows:
-Choose what directions I think are appropriate ( love that about the super duper apps), then we go through them one by one and they follow a direction or they give me a direction.  They have to listen to what the app has said and repeat the directions back to me (I'm tricky like that. I like to make them work when they don't even know they are working).
- If the child's goal is to follow multi-step directions, then I choose 2-3 and I verbally give them the directions. Once they think they have completed the task they get to go back and scroll through to see if they got it right.  This is very motivating!  Just the visuals keep them loving this yellow center. 

After the yellow center comes the red center. This center could be a number of things. I like to make it less following directions based. I like to have them listen and decide if something rhymes, or what word had stress on it, or listening for the change in sounds in words. It's up to you. If you need help with these activities come back tomorrow or Friday for free ideas and downloads to use.

Happy "Appy Hour"!

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  1. You know how much I love you, and now I am adding the "stop light" to my centers with my little ones! What a great idea!