Speech Lady Wishlist-Books

On the 1st day of posting this Speech Lady gave to me, a list of really cool books.
It's no secret here, I LOVE children's books.  I love the illustrations, rhymes and cute messages hidden inside the stories.  Below are 7 books that I think you all should have on your wishlist. 

1-Llama Llama Time to Share-I love all her books, but especially this one for my little guys because sharing is just SO hard. This is a great book for my social language class as well as when I want to directly teach a play skill like sharing.  Anna Dewdney can do no wrong in my eyes.  
2-Look, Look- This is a great book if you are working on expanding utterances that include different verbs, nouns etc.  It's supposedly the "it" book for infants while they do tummy time, but within the pictures they have phrases like "children run", "fish swim", "stars shine" etc. There are a bunch of other books by this author that I would love to get.  
3-Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site-I had a parent buy this book for me at our Scholastic book fair and was so excited to read it with my 2-3 year olds.  They loved all the illustrations in the book and were able to participate at the end of each page as the author says "goodnight" to all the different construction vehicles.  We currently have quite the construction site outside of our classroom, so we've learned all the different machinery and the interest in construction is very high!
4-Dear Zoo-I first saw this book when my niece got it for her birthday. It is so cute and works on some great attribute words that refer to animals.  One of my new favorite books that I will get my friends and all their upcoming babes.  
5- The Thankful Book- I have recently become a big fan of this author.  The illustrations are so bright and engaging.  Most of all the books are super silly and cute!
6-Pete the Cat-I Love My White Shoes- I know that Pete the Cat has been around for awhile, but I'm new to it and I love him.  I love that the books are repetitive so it's great for kids with speech sound disorders.  Excited to check out some of the other books too!
7-Blue Hat, Green Hat- This book had my 2-3 year olds rolling with laughter.  This book is not only great when working on colors, but clothing, body parts and negatives.  It happened to have a turkey in so I used it for Thanksgiving too.  LOVE this super silly book and it's amazing how much language you can get from kids with this book. 

What books should I have on my wishlist?

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  1. Thanks for posting these! I just had a parent bring me a copy Pete the Cat this morning because her daughter loves it so much :-)