Appy Hour

5 more weeks of school, 5 more weeks of school, 5 more weeks of school...

Dragon Dictation-Free
I used this with some of my kids that are working on getting their sounds in conversation.  They say a sentence and Dragon Dictation writes what they think you said.  My kids had to really articulate all the sounds so that it said their sentence. 

Dog Story-Free
This helped get the conversation started about opposites. I also have the kids act out the opposites as we read the story. 

Love this one! A scene pops up with a voice describing what kind of weather is happening.  The kids have to figure out what doesn't belong. (ex. someone shouldn't wear gloves and a scarf in the middle of summer).  Lots of good conversation happened while playing this game!

Comparative Adjectives-Free
An entire app dedicated to talking about comparative words (big, bigger, biggest).  I used this with a group and also read the book "Pig, Pigger, Piggest".  Then each kid had a turn to grab three objects around the room and put them in order and another student had to decide what comparative words to use. 
Pediastaff's TxTools-Free
This is a brand new app just put out by Pediastaff.  There are 4 features to this app: Tally This, Percent Right, Age Finder and IEP Scheduler.  I have already started using the Percent Right feature with my articulation groups.  Each kid gets a turn to listen to a friend and decide if they said the word right or wrong.  It is super helpful that there is an "undo", because my kids were getting a little heavy handed with the "right" button.  Also, the age-finder is great when getting ages for evals. 


This app is switch accessible and really user friendly.  Just add pictures from the picture bank they already have or you can upload your own pictures.  Then you label the picture and can even record to make it a voice output device.  I'm not sure how long this will be free, so get it while it is!

Happy "Appy" Hour J


  1. This has been very helpful!! Thanks :)

  2. I just downloaded most of them! Thanks! I also use Let's Name Things which is free (or was last I checked) and the grasshopper apps stories "I love fall" and "I love MOm". Also free. And Flower Garden is fun for reinforcement and also good for describing and cause and effect.

    Michelle @