End of the Week SLP Blues-Spring has Sprung

(Anyone else feel like this?!?)

While it feels like summer here in Texas, it may feel more like spring everywhere else.  Here are some fun and springy ideas to cure your "End of the Week SLP Blues".

Tiny Seed Activity (that will actually last you a whole week!)

Worm Day
Cute sequencing activity and I think I would secretly do this just to make and eat the "dirt". 

Target increasing adjectives and getting that positive self-talk going. 

Butterfly Clothespin Comprehension Game
Fun activity that's already made and waiting for you to use!

This would be fun to do with articulation words on each of the rectangles attached to the string.  Oh I'm excited about this even as I'm typing.  I'll be using this tomorrow for sure!

Live, Speak, Love Spring Activities
Cute BINGO game to work on vocabulary!

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