Appy Hour- Speech With Milo Adjectives Review

Speech With Milo-Adjectives
Speech With Milo-Adjectives is a vocabulary building game that would be great to use with your pre-school kids and/or younger elementary students that have a language impairment. 

How it works:
First you choose the words that you want your student(s) to target.  The adjectives you can choose from range from easy (happy, sad) to more difficulty words like (wide, narrow).  Once you've chosen your words you touch "Go" and you are presented with great animated scenes that describe each word.  When using it with your younger kids you can leave the sound and written word on to teach each concept.  As they learn the new vocabulary you can choose to take the word or sound off and they have to determine what vocabulary word Milo is presenting.  You also have the option to put the word in a phrase. 

Alternative Uses:
There are a lot of antonyms in the vocabulary that you can use.  So now this adjective game is an antonym game.  Depending on the child's level I like to have them put the word in the sentence or act out the word themself. With one of my Kindergarten groups we had a "Milo" day and each student had an opportunity to be assigned an adjective from the app or one that I thought of.  Then we played charades and acted the words out and their classmates had to guess what word they were acting out. 
*Warning: The kids became super silly with this game so make sure to have some "calm down" time before you send them back to class. Their teachers will thank you! :)

Happy "Appy Hour"!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are Speech Lady Liz's.  The companies are nice enough to provide materials to try out, but provide no other compensation.

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