Appy Hour-Super Duper Social Edition

This app, like all Super Duper apps, allows you to pick and choose the cards that you want presented to your students.  There are 7 sub-categories in this pragmatics app.  They include Politeness, Solving Problems, Feelings, Giving Info, Requesting, Telephone Skills and Staying On Topic.  I used this directly with the Simply Social at School-7 that I reviewed yesterday.  Each of these sub-categories coincides perfectly with one of the 50 lessons in the book.  The app is great to use for generalization, group activities and/or as a reward.  I used the app to get a baseline.  I chose the category I was going to teach that week, the kids went through the cards and answered accordingly, I used the buttons on the app to keep track of whether or not they gave the right answer, and there you go baseline data.  I then spent the week teaching them the lessons and then at the end of the week we went through the same cards and again used the buttons on the app to decide which ones they got right and wrong and hello progress monitoring! What's great is that you can enter each of your students by name and then at the end email yourself or parents the data you obtained from the app.  This app is also great if you need to get conversation going to get a language sample, carry-over articulation skills into conversation or work on fluency. 

I used this in a similar way as I did the Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck.  I hand picked the cards that went along with the lesson that week took a baseline and then monitored progress at the end of the week.  What I like about this app is that all the What ifs....really do happen to these kids on a daily basis.  A lot of my students can decide what someone else should do in the situation, but when they themselves go through it they are unable to use those social thinking skills.  I like to do the ol' "Well Johnny I agree that's what the girl should do.  Has this situation ever happened to you?".  Most of the time I get a big "NO", but then when I remind them that in fact yesterday they did get in trouble in class for talking while the teacher was talking, they "sort of" remember then.   This is another excellent app for getting conversation going and even better getting group conversation going.  We talk about how everyone handles situations differently, but we have to remember our social thinking skills and make sure that we make the right decision.  This app would really work well with your older elementary students that may be transitioning to middle school.  You could even create your own "What ifs..." that apply personally to each student and they could draw the picture and take it home so parents can be aware of issues that may be happening at school.  

So, that is how I used these apps and integrated them into lessons using Social Skills at School-7.  

I hate to tell you all this, but for this "Appy Hour" I'm sitting on the beach in North Carolina.  Go ahead and be jealous!

Happy "Appy Hour"!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are Speech Lady Liz's.  The companies are nice enough to provide materials to try out, but provide no other compensation. 

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