Behavior Management

Stop Light

This may look familiar.  I talked about using this in my transportation post for final consonant deletion.  I love multi-purpose therapy tools! I use this for a visual reminder for my students (mostly my preschool and kindergarten kids).  I print out their names, add velcro and the goal is to stay on green the whole time.  If they move to yellow then they can still earn their way back up to green, but if they get on red that means no sticker and I report back to their teacher/parents.  Usually just getting on yellow puts them in check and they are ready to work after just that warning.  You can also use terms like green choices (good choices) or red choices (bad choices). 

Thought Pails

My friend Angela uses this with her groups and it does wonders.  Blue or Purple sticks means she's having "good" thoughts about the student.  Red or yellow sticks mean she's having "weird" thoughts about the student and they need to fix the issue.  These visual reminders really seem to help. 

Token Boards

I found this great resource along with many other visuals off  Some kids need a constant visual reminder of what they are working towards.  These token boards are great with that.  I will often use them with my younger kids working on articulation that just don't have the attention to task that is required to complete the drill practice.  

Here is another great visual from Live Speak Love

I'm a big believer in positive reinforcement.  When I see a student sitting quietly and doing what they are asked to do I try and make sure I tell them, " I like that Johnny is sitting with his hands in his lap."   This usually encourages the other students to do what's being asked as well. 

What do you all do to promote making good choices? Leave a comment below so everyone can see!


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  2. Could you please post what the small print says on the "We Are Social Thinkers" board? I absolutely love this idea to use with my social skills groups!

    1. The link to enlarge the picture no longer works