Be My Guest, Be My Guest, Let's Put Those Ideas To The Test!

Ok so that's not how the "Beauty And The Beast" song goes, but it seemed to fit. 

I'd like to admit something.  This February I feel like my head is just floating above the water.  I'm longing for spring break when I'll be in Chicago cuddling with my little niece.  Until then I'm asking for some help from you all.  I would love to have a weekly guest post.  It could be lesson plan style, it could be ideas just for fluency, language or articulation etc.  Create a post and email it to me (with pictures preferably) and I will post them for all to see.  I've heard from a lot of people saying they wish they could put together a blog, but it's so time consuming.  Yes, it is time consuming, but I want everyone to get their wonderful, creative ideas out there.  This can be your place! 
So, email me your ideas written out exactly how you would like the post to be read (I will just copy and paste), pictures of your ideas (without your students in them please...I don't need a lawsuit!), and a short bio about yourself.  Please don't feel like they need to be long, elaborate posts, just a simple idea with an explanation and a picture would be super!

Thanks and I look forward to getting your ideas!

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