Harold And The Purple Crayon

The theme this week for Pre-K and the PPCD (pre-school for children with multiple disabilities) is imagination.  Yikes! A lot of these kids have to be shown how to appropriately play with toys, so teaching them this abstract topic of imagination….I had my work cut out for me.  I decided it’s not so much about the imagination concept for these kids, but more of a vocabulary building exercise.  I love the book the teachers picked out and was excited to adapt it for these kids.  

I’m saving, saving, saving for an IPad, but until then I use this Go Talk during story time.
Here is the insert for the Go Talk.  

If I didn’t borrow this book from the library, I would have velcroed these vocabulary words to the pages in the book.  You can use these cards for either vocabulary building and/or sequencing at the end of the story. 
Purple Scavenger Hunt
Look around the room and have the student try to spot things that are purple.  I use these pre-scripted cards for some of my kids to help with creating those complete sentences. 
I found this cute song from this website and made cards to go with it. 
Following Directions
This is a short following directions activity.  You could use simple directions i.e. "Color a crayon yellow." or more complex, "Color the middle crayon red." Get your coloring page here.
Another fun activity would be to get a purple crayon and have your children draw something in front of the group.  The other children have to guess what it is.  If the children have higher language skills, the child drawing could give clues as to what they drew and see if their friends can guess.  


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  1. I absolutely love this lesson! My PPCDs don't have a unit on imagination, but they do learn about each color. I'll have to use this when purple comes around!!