Appy Hour

Now that I have an iPad (and I can't put the darn thing down), I am going to have a weekly post on new apps that I've tried.  I like to refer to it is Appy Hour.  Everyone knows Wednesday is the worst day of the week.  You're half way done, but Friday still seems so far away.  So grab a glass of wine (you know you deserve it) and have a happy/appy hour with me.

PlayHome and PlayHome Lite(free)

In the lite app you get two rooms to play around with

          Kitchen                             &                     Living Room

This app is great for working on understanding and/or using prepositions and prepositional phrases. 
Receptive: "Put the Mom next to the sink."
Expressive: "Where'd you put the baby?", "I put the baby on the chair."
You could also place all the people and objects in the picture beforehand and have the child describe what is going on in the picture. 

Clean Up Category Sort(free)

This app is great for kids working on identifying categories.  There is a basket, a toy box and a closet at the bottom.  A picture pops up and the child has to determine which category it belongs in food, toys or clothes. 

Hope you can enjoy these fun and FREE apps. 

What free apps do you all use in speech? I'd love some ideas! Leave me a comment below. 


  1. I have used the clean up one this week as well!! I also like WGT (ABA Problem Solving Which go together) i like it because it keeps data, has a timer which records how long it takes them to figure out the responses, and allows you to email the results to yourself.

  2. Check out the free apps from There are quite a few...action words, nouns by category, what goes together.

  3. Great app suggestions! On more the tool side, easybee age calculator is excellent for calculating chronological age.