Appy Hour

Get Across-Free

This app is awesome for working on prepositional phrases. 


I Hear Ewe-Free

I used this app with my 3 year olds that are non-verbal and have limited mobility.  I plopped their little hand on the screen and it made a noise.  Lots of laughs (and animal sounds) occurred during the trial of this app. 


Sentence Magic-Free

For this app I turned the sound off and had the children organize 3-word phrases so that they made sense.

This app also provides an opportunity to work on regular and irregular past tense verbs.  I used this with several kids that I'm trying to expand their mean length of utterance. This app is so simple, but way more fun then when I just put notecards out on the table and make kids organize them into a sentence! 


In the Lite version they have phonemes /b/, "ch", /d/, "dz" and /f/ in the initial position of words. It's a matching game and offers a lot of opportunities for practice.  The child can label the item when the card turns over.  I mean I get desperate to get as many practice opportunities as I can in a session, and this one does all the work for me.  I would definitely consider buying the full version of this app. 

Happy "Appy Hour"!

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