End Of The Week SLP Blues-Pirate Edition

There are so many cute activities that are pirate themed.  I wanted to compile a list of activities that you all can use to cure your "End of the Week SLP Blues". 

Really cute cards with vocalic /r/ target words. 


Check out this super cute paper plate craft you can make.  When I make it I am going to staple two plates together and cut a hole where the mouth is.  You could use it as an articulation game by putting words in the pirates mouth, and then your students pull out the card and say, "The pirate said ____."

I made this treasure map with some of my students that are working on articulation.  I have a pre-school kiddo that loves pirates so we ignored the fact that all the words are supposed to have "ar" in it and used the sound he was targeting. 

I have. Who has? game targeting synonyms

Pirate Proper Nouns Activity

This would be a cute activity for pre-schoolers.  You could even hide items like these in the sand and have the kids find the items with their target sound.

This is a cute behavior management bulletin board."Don't Walk The Plank!"....pretty sure my kids would behave badly just so they could walk the plank!

Here are some other blogs with lots of speech and language ideas related to pirates:

-Cindy Meester's blog has some fantastic bulletin board ideas as well as all kinds of apps to use during your pirate themed therapy. 

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-Speech Room News is capturing the pirates! Check out her preschool pirate activity too.

-I already featured this activity in a previous post, but it's so cute that here it is again.  Thanks Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology!

-If you're going for a boat/pirate theme then be sure to check out my transportation post here.

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Check back next week for End of the Week SLP Blues-Summer Vacation Edition (wohoo!)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Pirate themes are always my favorite!

    [simply speech.] kcummingsslp.blogspot.com

  2. Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19, so I will definitely use these ideas in the fall!

  3. informative post! thank you!