Hidden Picture Scenes Review-Super Duper Publications

I was real excited when Carrie over at Super Duper Publications asked me to review a product.  Let's just say I frequent the Super Duper website and all of my school budget goes to them. 

I don't know about you all, but I have been having trouble entertaining my older articulation and language kids.  They are pretty sick of the games and activities that I have, and their brains are already on summer vacation.  So I was really excited to open up the Super Duper box and trial Hidden Picture Scenes

This activity includes 80 pictures scenes that contain S, R, L and S/R/L blends, a printable CD and 4 wet-erase markers. 

The picture scenes look like this.
Each picture scene includes 6 vocabulary words at the bottom, a vocabulary dense picture and a silly sentence that has targeted sounds underlined for carryover practice. 

Here is how I used it:

Before I let the kids loose with the markers and the picture scenes, we went over the words on the bottom.  Some of the words are a little obscure, and so the kids were having trouble figuring out what they were and/or how to sound the words out.  Then I let the kids find all the objects on the page by circling them with the markers provided.  When they find a word they say "I found the _____." (hello sentence level).  Once they found all the words then we read the sentence provided.  After we read the sentence I gave the kids an opportunity to create their own silly sentences that include the words provided.  This allowed for a lot of practice of their sounds and definitely helped jazz speech therapy up a bit. 

Expressive: The process was somewhat similar to the method above, but instead of targeting the sounds we talked about the meaning of the words.  If it was a word that was harder to define, then we thought of attributes.  After we defined/described all the words then they were allowed to go on a hunt for the pictures within the scenes.  When they found a picture they would have to tell me where they found it,  "I found the car next to the flag pole." This is a great opportunity to expand those utterances as well.  If applicable you could talk about the function of the words given. 

Receptive: Make sure to go over all the vocabulary words at the bottom first, and then give them directions, "Point to the car and then the robot.", "Point to the rat after you point to the rooster."

We went over all the words and then said the silly sentence using different types of disfluencies.  The child had to identify which disfluency I used and vice versa.  Then the child had to use their strategies to describe what was going on in the picture. 

Talk about what makes the picture silly and how one would change the picture to make it socially appropriate. 

Something really important for me when buying materials (especially with the limited funds that we get in the schools) is that the activity is adaptable and can be used with a variety of children on my caseload.  As you can see this game can target a number of goals, so I would call it a winner in my book.  A really great feature of this activity is also that it comes with a printable CD.  These are great for sending home with kids for homework.

Hope you all enjoyed this review.  If you like it make sure to comment below.  I'd love to hear your feedback!

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are Speech Lady Liz's.  The companies are nice enough to provide materials to try out, but provide no other compensation.

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