End of the Week SLP Blues-Halloween Edition

Seeing as I'm working in a pre-school, I'm doing way more hands-on sensory activities.  Card games rarely work for me, unless there is a gross motor component to it.  That's why I liked this one below.  Have the kids all around the room and then they have to walk around and ask friends if they have the picture they're looking for.   
 "I have. Who has?" game from Carrie over at Carrie's Speech Corner.

Lessons for Little One's Blog has all kinds of Halloween activities.  I would use this tissue paper candy corn activity with my kids working on articulation and think about your kids with Apraxia...Holy drill practice! Give them a piece of tissue paper for each time they say a word/word in a sentence etc. 

Here's another fun (and edible) activity to get lots of practice.
Over at No Time For Flashcards, she's also making spider webs out of tape.  I would put targeted sound cards or different verb cards all over the spider web.  Then they have to stay on the lines to pick up the card, say the word or put the verb in a sentence. 
I'm thinking 10 target sounds/words and they get to pop a balloon.  I would LOVE to do this in a classroom!
I'm for sure doing this! A sensory bag with eyeballs in it.  I'm also thinking it would be fun to add little spiders and worms.  Think about all the wonderful spontaneous language you'll get.  My kids are going to flip over this!
I love Halloween and am excited that my school has a "Halloweenie Roast" every year.  The whole school is turned into a fun haunted house and the kids go around to their classrooms and trick or treat. 
Has anyone else been eating way too much candy to prepare for the holiday or am I the only one? Anyone, anyone?!?


  1. That eye ball bag is gross/cool! I've been really good about the candy... so far!

  2. I have yet to break into the candy...simply because we haven't bought any yet. I'm sure I'll be snacking on it constantly once we buy it for trick-or-treaters. I have to say that I love the tape spiderweb for my young students and think the eyeball bag would be a huge hit!

    Talking With Rebecca

  3. What cute ideas! I especially like the spider web! Thanks for sharing!
    Nicole at allisonspeechpeeps.blogspot.com