Halloween Prep & Appy Hour

My Halloween outfit is coming together (I'll be a ballerina) and I'm reminiscing about my Halloween post last year.  I haven't decided yet how I'll incorporate Halloween into my new class.  Pretty sure it will involve some pretty hands on activities.  I'll keep you updated on that through Facebook or Instagram.

Make sure to check out what I used last year in my classroom.

Here are some fun and free apps to use for the holiday.
Take a picture of you or your student and they can choose to put Halloween items on certain parts of their body or face (i.e. Put the pumpkin on your head). 

I modeled what I wanted the kids to do by saying, "Put the triangle eyes on the pumpkin." Then they got a turn to give me the directions. 
There are so many awesome Halloween activities out there.  Make sure to check back on Thursday for "End of the Week SLP Blues". 


  1. I especially love the idea of the Holiday pic it!!! What a fun thing to do!!

  2. I just re-read this and I'm so excited that you are going to be a ballerina! That will be so cute!!!