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Week 1
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Mama Mia!

So my alarm went off one morning, and I had a sudden “Oh my!” moment.  What was I going to do with my 3 year old group that morning?  We all know 3 year olds must be entertained the entire therapy session or things can get ugly! I don’t know about all of you fellow SLPs, but I find myself thinking of therapy ideas when I’m brushing my teeth, showering, running, sleeping etc.  Well I have to say this spur of the moment activity happened to work out great (we all know sometimes those spur of the moment therapy ideas totally backfire!).  So here it is the pizza articulation game. 

Materials you will need:
-Tan cardstock cut into circles
-Red paper cut into a circle smaller than the tan circle

-One paperclip
-One brad a.k.a paper fastener
-Sharpie to mark the pieces of pizza
-Boardmaker food pictures.
Directions: Glue the red circle onto the tan and then mark lines for your pieces of pizza.  Have the child glue each target word onto each piece of pizza (I pick out the words ahead of time so I know they will get lots of practice with their sound in error).  Then make a hole with your brad, take out the brad and put the sharp side through a paperclip and re-insert it into the pizza.  Voila! you have a homemade articulation game.  The kids just have to flick the paperclip like it’s a spinner and then whatever word it lands on they have to say. 

I include the book Pete’s A Pizza with this therapy lesson.  It’s such a cute book and gets the group in the mood to talk about pizza! Here are sequencing cards to go along with the book here, here and here
Bring a doll in and have the children act out Pete’s A Pizza.  Depending on the level of the child you can give them directions of what to do next, or they tell you what part of the story they are acting out. 
If you're not reading Pete's A Pizza and just want to sequence a pizza-making experience here are more sequencing cards here, here and here.
Poppa's Pizza Game
We played this game in social group.  It's great for a te amwork activity, taking turns asking questions ("Can you pass me a pepperoni?").  It's also quite a laugh for the teachers.  My favorite quote of the game happened after the pizza toppled over and all the pieces fell off. 
Student- "Mama Mia!"
(Laughter from other students)
Student-(very excited to get a laugh from friends) "Ya, that means "Oh my! I want pizza!" in Spanish". 
(The kids just didn't understand why the teachers were laughing so hard!)

Note: To download the files on this post you must have access to Boardmaker.