Appy Hour- Speech With Milo Adjectives Review

Speech With Milo-Adjectives
Speech With Milo-Adjectives is a vocabulary building game that would be great to use with your pre-school kids and/or younger elementary students that have a language impairment. 

How it works:
First you choose the words that you want your student(s) to target.  The adjectives you can choose from range from easy (happy, sad) to more difficulty words like (wide, narrow).  Once you've chosen your words you touch "Go" and you are presented with great animated scenes that describe each word.  When using it with your younger kids you can leave the sound and written word on to teach each concept.  As they learn the new vocabulary you can choose to take the word or sound off and they have to determine what vocabulary word Milo is presenting.  You also have the option to put the word in a phrase. 

Alternative Uses:
There are a lot of antonyms in the vocabulary that you can use.  So now this adjective game is an antonym game.  Depending on the child's level I like to have them put the word in the sentence or act out the word themself. With one of my Kindergarten groups we had a "Milo" day and each student had an opportunity to be assigned an adjective from the app or one that I thought of.  Then we played charades and acted the words out and their classmates had to guess what word they were acting out. 
*Warning: The kids became super silly with this game so make sure to have some "calm down" time before you send them back to class. Their teachers will thank you! :)

Happy "Appy Hour"!

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Beginning of the Week SLP Blues-Father's Day Edition

Welp, I warned you all that I might drop the ball on posting regularly.  To make up for that here are some fun Father's Day activities to use with your students this week. 

Lay out scrap paper or pre-cut shapes for the tie.  The students can either ask for shapes and colors or they can follow directions you give to them on how to decorate it. 

You could do several things with this idea. You could have the kids create coupons for dad (i.e. I will help you wash the car.) or you can come up with words to describe their dad and if the word has their articulation sound in it then they put the card in the pocket. 

Great activity for vocabulary development.  The kids think of all the words that describe their dad and then see if they can arrange them so it spells out father.

This is a cute question and answer game to use with your students.

Cute activity for building vocabulary.

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Check out my Mother's Day post for some other ideas that you could turn into a Father's Day activity. 

I couldn't post about Father's Day without saying something about my dad.  I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure I have the best dad out there.  He has been supportive with every decision I've made in my life and is there cheering me on every step of the way.  Lately it's been my turn to cheer him on.  My dad is currently on a health and fitness journey and I couldn't be more proud of him.  I can't imagine life without him and am thankful he's motivated to stay around for a long time to come.  I love you Pops and can't wait to celebrate Father's Day with you at the beach!

Happy Father's Day!

Lakeshore Photo Contest

Lakeshore is currently holding a photo contest.  It's called the Summer Learning Facebook Photo Promotion. FIVE lucky winners will receive a $1,000 Lakeshore e-gift card! They're asking fans to submit a photo of their child participating in their favorite summer learning activity – from nature walks to museum visits to everything in between. The top 5 photos with the most “likes” win!

For more information on the contest, check out: 

Contest ends June 30th.

I'll be voting and will be snapping my own photos of my nieces and nephews participating in a learning activities. 

If you win make sure to check out my reviews of their products (here and here) for ideas on how to spend that $1,000!