Speech Lady Says...

Who knew that living without Internet for a month would be as hard as it was?! Yikes! Makes me realize how dependent I am on it.  Anywho, I now have Internet and will be getting back into the swing of posting again.  In my new job I have less kids, but seems like more work.  How the heck did that happen? I find myself needing a little boost of energy/confidence/sanity to get me through the week.  Therefore, on Mondays you'll be seeing "Speech Lady Says..." So without further ado here's the first one.

I know personally I need a reminder of this well.....every morning.  So as I sit on the bus headed to work, I drink my coffee and set a goal for the day.  I usually try to make it a small goal and I make it very specific (i.e. "Have more patience with (enter student's name).", "Email a parent and tell them something great their child accomplished that day." etc.).  This positive thinking in the morning really can change a whole day. 

Don't worry everyone, I won't try and get this deep with you every Monday :)