The Monthter

I'm pretty sure I came across this website from Pinterest, but it's been so long now that I don't remember.  I can't believe I've been keeping this gem of an idea from you all for so long!  The Monthter is a great take-home activity, that I've adapted from a calendar to a practice for articulation or vocabulary.  First print off the Monthters from here and then print off my word lists on the bottom right of this website.  I have the kids cut out the words and as they cut and paste, practice whatever word they are glueing on to each number.  Once all the spaces are filled we cut them out, glue where it says "glue" and fold them up to make our fun and giant Monthter.     

I like to send these home with the kids.  Then, parents can go to the corresponding day and have a word to practice all day long.  I tell my kids it is the "word of the day" and they have to see how many times they can use it and make sure to say it with their best sounds.  With kids working on language you could use it to build vocabulary.  They have to use the word in multiple sentences each day, or describe it, whatever you or the parent chooses to do with the word.   

My only pet peeve with these is that they are called "Monthters"...a lisper fixers worst nightmare!