Appy Hour- Language Adventures

Smarty Ears was generous enough to give me a code to review their Language Adventures app.  Let me give you a bit of a run-down on the app and how I used it.

On the home page you begin be adding students as players.  When you add students you can put in their birthday, grade, and what their target is.  In this app you have the option of synonyms, antonyms and multiple meanings.  Another added feature is you get to decide if you want the child to work on these goals receptively or expressively.  If you want to start with receptive and then later on work on expressive you just double tap the player and change it up.  Once you've selected your players you choose a level.  There are 3 different levels.  Each level has a different themed board game and themed questions (playground, cafeteria classroom). When you've entered a level the child can tap on the dice move their game piece that many spaces and then they are asked a question.  An example of a question would be, "Your friend gets in trouble for telling a joke.  What is another word for silly?" The types of questions are great for stemming conversation off of.  So for this particular question, they can answer the synonym question, but you can also discuss problem solving strategies. 

Additional Features:
-In the settings section it has different options for when the student does not answer the question correctly.  You can "Keep Going", "Remove Item", or "Buzz".
-You can keep track of your student's progress and even email yourself (or parent) the results of how they did. 

All in all this was great app for working on building vocabulary through synonyms, antonyms and multiple meaning questions.  My students had a lot of fun with it and the words were difficult enough, but not too difficult.  This would be a great game to work on with students in grades Kindergarten and above.

Happy "Appy Hour"! 

 *Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are Speech Lady Liz's.  The companies are nice enough to provide materials to try out, but provide no other compensation.