Holy Hiatus

I’m sure you’re all thinking, “Wait, who is Speech Lady Liz?”  Yes, I sincerely apologize for my leave of absence the past several months/year.  It’s been quite a trying time.  Some great things and some not so great things have happened and I found it very important to limit my obligations and just live my life more.  Also, my personal computer is dying each second I type this so that hasn't helped either.  That being said, I feel as if I've sort of got my "you know what" together and I'm ready to attempt this blog world again.  My hesitation is that this speechie blog world has changed completely since I started Speech Lady Liz.  TPT stores out the wazoo and so many wonderful products that I can't even imagine having the energy to make.  Seriously, how do you people do it????   So while I attempt to regain my readership and post on a consistent basis I am going to need your help.  I'm not going to be able to put together packets of 26 pages worth of materials.  I have some ideas on how I can do this site, but I need you to make sure to let me know when something is awesome and you want more of it and when you're less than thrilled about a post.  I promise I won't be offended (In fact comment on this post with any ideas as I'm afraid you've all left me)!  So I'm going to attempt to navigate this new blog world in a different light.  I'm just not sure I've figured out that exact light yet.  Nothing like flying by the seat of your pants.  That is a requirement in this job though, right?