End Of The Week SLP Blues

So picture this...it's Friday, you've done your weekly activities about 30x too many.  If you have to look at one more articulation card you're going to go crazy.  Creativity is low...it is the last day of the work week.

Don't fret my fellow speech ladies and gentleman I have a solution!

Thursdays I plan to have a blog list below with some great ideas that I will be using to cure my end of the week blues. So make sure to check back here on Thursdays.

Speech Room News- In the Tall, Tall, Grass
As soon as I saw this I went straight to the library and got the book "In the Tall, Tall Grass." I also found "In the Small, Small Pond." Such a cute craft activity to use with my pre-school kids. 

Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology-Materials Monday
Super cute pirate activities.  I already know a group of boys that will be very happy with Ms. Gretz if they get to play this on Friday!

The Dynamic Duo-Transitioning to Middle School Videos
Seeing as the school year is coming to a close you may have some kids transitioning to middle school.  This blog has a great series of videos (there will eventually be 20 videos!) to use with your kids to prepare them for this big transition.  Heck you could use these for every Friday that's left in the school year. 

Articulation "Word Slider"
The kids could make these to take home and practice their sounds at the beginning or ending of words. 

Animal Safari Hunt
How amazing are these? The kids could make these and then go on a "hunt" for items that have their sound in it.  You could use this activity after reading "We're Going On A Bear Hunt".  I will have to add it to my lesson plan.  Also, could incorporate this into an activity for my older kids using the "In the Tall, Tall Grass" from above!

What would I do without these amazing bloggers?! I'd be scrambling for ideas that's what!

Make sure to follow their pages and/or like them on Facebook. 

Where Is The Green Sheep?

I found this book while browsing through our school library.

I thought it would be a great book for kids that are working on attributes, prepositions, syntax, expanding length of utterances and asking "where" questions etc.  Also, this is great if you have a child working on "sh" at the sentence level. 

These pictures can be used for sequencing, or you can put them around your classroom for your students to find ("the bath sheep is on top of something yellow.").  You could have kids find the pictures and then when it's their turn they can read the line in the book. 

Here is a sentence building strip to help them read the book with you and work on that grammar. 

Don't forget about that green sheep!