Why "Speech Lady"

I got an email from a co-worker the other day asking me what I prefer to be called in paperwork- speech therapist, speech pathologist.  It got me thinking of all the wonderful names that the kids and others call me in this job position. 
I have 3 year olds yelling "Gretz!" down the hallway.  It reminds me of college...no one went by their first names in college. 
There's always "That one girl".  I was at a school last year one day out of the week and apparently this teacher had no clue who I was or why I was there.
Out of all these, I get the biggest kick out of hearing what my speech kiddos tell their friends in the hall as I pass them-  "Yup that's the speech lady.  She teaches me how to talk."
So that is how I got Speech Lady.  Whatever you do just don't get my attention by saying "Hey little girl!"

Yes, I've also had a teacher think I was a student... 

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