Let it snow?

The title appropriately has a ? at the end because I'm not sure how I feel about snow.  I like it because it's pretty.  I hate it because it goes from pretty to ugly so fast. I like it because what teacher doesn't like snow days?  I hate it because it generally means it's cold.  I love it because I get to wear my cute snow boots.  I hate it because it makes my cute snow boots dirty.  So you see, it's definitely a love-hate relationship.  

I will enjoy my 70 degree January while I can and I hope you all enjoy my snow and winter themed ideas to use in therapy.   

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow!
I made a joke the other day about yellow snow and none of my students got it.  So I thought to myself ...either I'm not as funny as I think I am, or these kids need to be warned not to eat the yellow snow!  I knew it wasn't the first option, so I decided it was my duty to teach them about yellow snow (I hope you all are feeling the sarcasm here).   Hence forth the birth of the game Don't Eat The Yellow Snow! There are a couple different ways to use the cards, and they are included in the document attached to the title of this game.  I bought some styrofoam balls from the ol' Dollar Tree and the students were given an opportunity to earn snowballs to throw at "Joseph" our teacher of whole body listening. 

It was their one and only opportunity to throw things at this "person" for making them sit still and listen with their eyes, ears, mouth, brain, hands, feet, bottom and heart.  You should have seen the aggression! I'll make sure never to put a picture of me behind that basket! I have to say this was a really fun game that the teacher and kids enjoyed!
Note:  (Get your copy of Joseph here and learn more about Joseph here).

Snowball Poem
This Shel Silverstein poem is pretty cute.  I wrote the poem on sentence strips and then took certain words out and made cards of those words.  There are a couple ways to do this.  With my younger kids we spread all the cards on the table and tried to make sense of the poem.  With older kids, or kids working on social skills like teamwork and interacting with peers you could step out of the way and let them work as a team to figure out how the poem goes.

Get your copy of the poem and cards here.

Brrrr It's Cold In Here

An igloo made of artic words.  It's as simple as that.  Here are the labels I used. Make sure to check out my sound pages on the bottom, right side of the blog.  Lots of words for all of your articulation needs!

Stay warm out there!

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  1. Super cute ideas!!! Thanks! (Being in Belton, I totally understand those blank stares when you talk about snow)