Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

I look forward to this theme all year.  I try and hold off until it gets closer to spring time, but sometimes I just can't wait any longer.  I generally use this with my older kids just because it's a longer book with more advanced vocabulary.   

Print off Boardmaker pictures or adds from a newspaper and have kids cut and paste foods that have their target sound in the word on the cloud (click on picture for freebie).  The child can list the foods or they can use the phrase "Cloudy with a chance of...". I like to have string go from one side of my classroom to the other, and then I hang the clouds from the string. 

Language and Social Group:

Weather vocabulary match-up

There are a lot of idioms that have to do with the weather and these idioms are used quite a bit.  Idioms are hard for our kids with Autism to understand.  Talk about what these pictures literally mean, and then what someone is really trying to say when they use the phrase.  Click on the picture to download the idiom freebie. 

I have some students that love talking and learning about the weather.  I bought a poster of the United States and then I printed off some weather icons.  The kids make up their own weather report (it can be serious or a silly weather report). This is a great opportunity to work on articuation carry-over, grammar etc.
Use the trailer from the movie to work on inferencing, humor, feelings etc.

If you want to do a weather theme with your younger kids, here's a post from my friend Orlanda.  Check it out here.  

Email me and let me know of any other weather activities you use.  I know my students will appreciate it!

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  1. I love this! How fun! This is one of my favorite childhood books. My son is in speech, and I think we'll try this (we have the book at home, too). I'll share with his teacher, too. Thanks!!