Follow-up to Guest Post

We had a question about the maibox in the previous Guest Post.  Here is your answer:

"A few years ago, I had been appointed as a supervisor of a speech paraprofessional. The  "Speech Mailbox" was created as a way for me to communicate with my speech students on days I was not in the building. It was introduced through several lessons which focused on post office vocabulary, letter writing, how to use a mailbox, etc.. I would leave an office envelope addressed to :

Speech Students
123 Speech Street
(You can add your town and state)

I would leave them letters asking questions about their weekend or vacations. The students would have to use their written communication skills and write me back! I would also leave special activities and projects in the mailbox. It was another fun way to carry over functional communication skills. "

What a cute idea!

Thanks again Christie!

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