ASHA Convention Tips

So many of you will be coming to the windy city for the ASHA convention this Thursday.  I know I'm so excited to sit, listen, learn, meet and greet and relish in being apart of this amazing community. While I've only lived in Chicago for a year and a half I wanted to give you all some ideas on things you can do while you're here. 
1. First off it's sort of cold. I lived in Texas so I get the shock of this cold wind, however don't let people scare you.  It's not that bad.  Layer...and bring warm gloves and you'll be good to go!

2. Eat. Definitely a favorite topic of mine.  I have so many favorite places. Here is a list of some of my favorites.  Most are not near McCormick Place, but it's always fun to get into the neighborhoods of Chicago!
Arami -I have definitely made reservations here already for the weekend! I dream daily about several dishes.
Cafe Ba Ba Reeba-Favorite tapas place!
Pasta Pallazzo -Get the jalapeno gnocchi or don't go at all....seriously
Big Star-Great tacos and even better margaritas
Quartinos-Italian tapas-loud, but fun and good for a group
RPM Italian-If you can get a reservation it is sooooo worth it.  Say hi to Giuliana Rancic for me ;)
The Purple Pig-Right off Michigan Ave. and oh so good.
Carnivale-Just a fun place
Bongo Room-Really good brunch
Mindy's Hot Chocolate- So good!
Southport Grocer-Expect to wait, but the bread pudding pancakes are unreal.
Edzo's-Burger city
Green Zebra or Chicago Diner-If you're vegetarian
Trencherman-Pickle tots...sounds weird, but do it!
Caro Mio-Off the beaten path, but best homemade BYOB Italian EVER!

3. Activities:
-Obviously Michigan Ave.
-State Street shopping
-Oak Street shopping (do you see a trend here)
-Millennium Park
-Signature Room at the Hancock Building (grab a drink and see the best view from the ladies bathroom)
-Willis Tower (Just going to say I would rather get a cocktail and see the view from the Hancock Building and not be charged for the view).  Everyone will tell you to go to the Willis Tower though.
-Field Museum
-Shedd Aquarium (I personally love the Shedd)

Alright, I could literally go on for days, but if you have any specific questions or need affirmations about already made plans just comment below and I will do my absolute best to answer!

Most importantly if you see me please say hi! I can't wait to mingle and talk with you all and I'm so excited I stayed up waaaay past my sad 9:30pm bedtime to make this for you all.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and see where I'm at during the convention!


  1. I have to remember to bring minimal electronics- just an iPad except the one day I need my laptop- that’s my tip. Also, don’t try to get coffee inside the convention center- get it before you get there.

    -Dana@College Prive Reine Marrie

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  5. I used to live near Nevada and looks like I need to get back for some great outdoor adventures !


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