Santa please bring me...

If I was Santa I would send all my fellow speech therapists a few of my must-haves.  Since there are 10 days until Christmas (I'm reminded every 10 minutes by my students) I thought a top ten list was necessary.  Here are some items this speech lady could not live without (lucky you, some are free (or cheap)!)
1.     Boardmaker
I seriously do not know what I would do without it.  It makes my life so much easier and helps me create all kinds of fun activities.
2.    Pinterest
I use Pinterest for inspiration and to find other speech therapy blogs.  I often ask myself what I did before Pinterest was created. Pediastaff has some amazing boards check them out here. Feel free to follow my speech therapy board as well.
3.    Blue Pens
Anything official in the schools has to be signed with a blue pen.  I buy blue pens in bulk, yet I can never find one when I need it.
4.    Starbucks
No explanation necessary.
5.    Ikea Magazine holders
These cardboard magazine holders are $.99 for a pack of them.  I use them to organize my books and anything else I can organize.
6.    Laminator
I would laminate this computer if I thought it would work.  I love laminating!
To support my OCD, this lovely website has given me the cutest labels ever so that I don’t feel bad about labeling anything and everything.
8.    Mirror
I have some kids that all it takes is a look in the mirror when they’re making their sounds and BAM! they graduate from speech therapy.  I take all the credit though :)
Check out my classroom post and see how I've made the mirror an integral (and fun) part of the speech room. 
Along with being OCD, I am also a germaphobe.  My manicures last 5 minutes because I’m constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer.
10.  Velcro
Velcro is one of those supplies that I am forced to use sparingly because it’s so expensive, but if I could I would Velcro everything!
What are some things that you couldn't live without? Write a comment and let me know.

Come back after the holidays for my go-to speech therapy games (super easy to make and/or cheap to buy).